Our Eco roofs let you control the weather

Our remote controlled louvres are versatile, watertight, rustproof and durable. A stylish louvre roof for all weather conditions, made from marine-grade aluminium.

Sunshade Australia Opening Roof Pergola

Key Features

Australia’s unique climate led to the development of key features, improvements and benefits specifically catering to outdoor living, and making SunShade roofs, unmatched in terms of cost, functionality, warranty period and performance. This industry leading position guarantees the quality, experience, delivery and value demanded by discriminating home-owners and professionals alike.


When our louvres are completely closed, the system is water tight offering complete protection from the rain, just as a solid patio covering would. We use entirely marine grade aluminium in our system. Each component is powder coated allowing the system to withstand Australia’s highly corrosive environment. Our louvre system offers a range of positions between open and fully closed, at the push of a button.

All At The Push Of A Button

Designed for Australian conditions so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round with family and friends, Sunshade roofs offer a range of positions between open and fully closed, conveniently operated by a remote control.  Best of all, our roof systems are versatile, easy to use and clean.


Our louvre roofs are highly suitable for the home, office, shop, business, commercial or industrial site. Whether it’s for your back patio, deck, balcony, courtyard, hotel or restaurant, the team at SunShade will design a system perfect for your application. We service the whole of Australia.


The New Standard

The new standard of outdoor living is here! Sun Shade Australia is an automated louvred roof company. Tried and tested through the years in the harsh Australian climate. Sun Shade Australia has the innovative solution for a stylish, long lasting waterproof automated louvred roof solution.

You might be wondering what sets us apart the other brand names? We love it when we are asked how we stack up to other well-known brand names for automated louvred roofs. Sun Shade Australia is the new standard of outdoor living, from quality and price to customer service. Forging ahead to new heights and standards, we are constantly innovating and looking at ways to improve what we already have. You can always expect the latest and greatest from us here at Sun Shade Australia.

Maximum Space

Are you having trouble finding ways to best utilise your outdoor area? Or perhaps you are wanting to build a new home? It is often a hard choice you face, “How can I make my backyard a place my family and friends can enjoy?”

Sun Shade Australia’s automated louvred roofs are the solution. You won’t need to worry about cutting out the beautiful sunlight or creating an area that is way too hot for anyone to enjoy. Our louvres have a 170 degree rotation which enables you to fully close them to keep the rain out on those rainy days. On hot and sunny days you can either let the sunlight come right through or angle the louvres slightly creating a cool breeze and a perfect environment for BBQ’s and get togethers.

Australian Made

All our systems are made from structural grade aluminium which is manufactured right here in Australia. Our suppliers have been working in the Australian market and many years and a lot of the structures you would see around have been supplied material from them. Here at Sun Shade Australia we care for your safety, which is why we use these suppliers. Our Sun Shades are rust-proof due to being powder coated aluminium.

You can have confidence knowing that through working with us you are helping local Australian businesses. Let’s not forget you’re also receiving a quality automated louvred roof at the same time. There really isn’t any reason you wouldn’t want a Sun Shade!

Powder Coating Process

Working alongside some of Australia’s best powder coaters we can be assured every batch is made up to standard. You don’t need to worry about having a bad paint job or one that won’t last when you task us here at Sun Shade Australia to complete your outdoor project. Our powder coaters use liquid rust protection, this assures full coverage of the aluminium. Inside and out is completely rust proof!

Powder coating is the way to go when colouring aluminium. It looks stylish, is durable, maintains its new look for longer, doesn’t flake or crack. It is quick and simple to clean, most things wash right off with a wash from the hose.

Quality Tradesman

Part of the Sun Shade Australia team are top tier builders specialising in the construction of automated louvred roofs. Our build team does not consist of any sub-contractors, only valuable members of the Sun Shade Australia team. They are overseen by our build manager who also ensures quality control. This keeps the standard to the utmost level.

Our team of professionals are not only skilled and talented but friendly and easy to work with. With years of experience they will be able to assist you with any questions and offer great suggestions on anything building related.


No matter what style and design of roof you are going for our expert team will help you to achieve your desired result. We are involved in all different kinds of projects, from commercial, industrial right down to domestic installations. Sun Shade Australia will help you to make your vision come to life!

Looking for some design inspiration? Check out our gallery to see some of the amazing work we have manufactured and installed. Enquire with us today!

Free Quotes!

Contact us now for a quick and easy quote! You can call the number to speak to one of our friendly, competent team members to schedule you in for one of our quick, easy and free quotes. You can send us through your architectural drawings and plans through e-mail for us to see. Alternatively we are more than capable of meeting you at your residence and assisting you with an on-site measure up and quote.

Upon request we can provide a 3D Drawing of what your Sun Shade automated louvred roof will look like. Speak with Sun Shade Australia today to speak to one of our exceptional team members today!


Protection from the sun is an obvious benefit, you don’t need to worry about fading on you furniture that may be hit by the sun if the Sun Shade was not there previously. It really cools down your house by stopping the sun rays from hitting your wall which heats it up which in the Australian heat can cause your house to become an oven!

Because of your house becoming a cooler environment you will reduce cooling costs that you would normally use, such as air conditioners. Most of all having a great outdoor area that is cool and practical increases the quality of the time you can spend with family and friends outdoors. Why not contact us here at Sun Shade Australia today.