Here at Sun Shade we are your local Australian louvre roof system specialists. Australia’s unique climate led to the development of key features, improvements and benefits specifically catering to outdoor living, and making our louvre roof systems, unmatched in terms of cost, functionality, warranty period and performance. This industry leading position guarantees the quality, experience, delivery and value demanded by discriminating home-owners and professionals alike.

When your louvre roof system’s louvres are completely closed, the system is WATER TIGHT offering complete protection from the rain, just as a solid patio covering would. We use entirely MARINE GRADE ALUMINIUM in our system. Each component is powder coated allowing the system to withstand Australia’s highly corrosive environment. Our louvre roof system offers a range of positions between open and fully closed, at the PUSH OF A BUTTON.

Your louvre roof system has felt run through each blade to ensure that there is no loud thump when it opens and closes. Our unique louvre blade is designed so each louvre interlocks perfectly creating a slick design that give the illusion of a flat roof, only more stylish. We will put your louvre roof system on a slight pitch so that when raining the water will flow along the built-in internal gutter so that the water can drain away. The guttering system in your louvre roof system is 140mm high meaning it can hold a lot of water!

Material Specs

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium Beams

250mm x 50mm

3mm thick

Can span up to 6m before needing to add a post

Power Coated Marine Grade Aluminium Gutters

140mm x 50mm x 75mm

3mm thick

Follows the beam around on the inside.

Power Coated Marine Grade Aluminium Posts

100x100mm or 150x150mm

3mm thick

Up to 4m high

Power Coated Marine Grade Aluminium Tracks

80mm wide

3mm thick

Specially designed track to clip louvred into allowing smooth rotation

Power Coated Marine Grade Aluminium Stabilising Length

50mm wide

3mm thick

Stabilises louvred to ensure the louvres open and close

Innovative Linear Actuator Motor


This motor allows a max rotation of the louvre roof system to 170 degrees??

Rain Sensor

Can be hidden on top of application

Allows the system to fully close automatically when raining

Optional added lights

30mm downlights

24V LED Strip Lighting

Only the highest quality lighting solutions!



Used to drain the gutter system to wherever you desire!

Our louvre roof system is made from extruded aluminium. Aluminium is a great material to use especially for roofing. It is becoming more and more common to use aluminium instead of steel. Some of the reasons for this is as follows; it boasts a resistance to rust (unlike most steel), it’s strength, ductility (the strength sustained from changing its shape), it is non-magnetic, it can be easily recycled, it is becoming more useful everyday for manufacturers around the world. For example here are some structures around the world that incorporate aluminium so you can get a good indication of the strength that your very own louvre roof system will be made out of!

  1. Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany   
  2. The International Space Station
  3. The Wave, Almere, Holland (this one is near the sea, the aluminium won’t rust!)
  4. Farnborough Airport, UK
  5. Rich Mix, London
  6. Ballingdon Bridge, Ballingdon, UK

These are just some of the famous structures around the world using the same material that our Sun Shades are made from. Other companies will tell you otherwise saying aluminium is the cheaper option! I hope through seeing the facts used by some of the top engineers over the world, that aluminium is quite durable.

Not only do we use the best quality aluminium, we are using marine grade aluminium. What does this mean to you? It means that it is specifically designed to hold its strength in an extremely corrosive environment for long periods of time. This is an absolute necessity in Australia’s environment. Some other applications that use marine grade aluminium are; docks, boat hulls, structural shipbuilding, boat lifts, and other structures out at sea or along the coastlines. If it I used for these extreme conditions it will definitely be more than enough to withstand the weather in Australia and all around the world!

Sun Shade’s louvre roof system is fully remote controlled and comes with a rain sensor that is connected via receiver and is easily hidden on top of the system, or in a convenient location close by. This ensure that if you are wanting to keep it open for the day however you are worried it might rain you will be able to leave with confidence knowing it will close if it does start to rain. Lights, fans and heaters can all be attached to your louvre roof system.

We use only the best tried and tested fixings to ensure maximum structural support. You can fix your louvre roof system straight onto a wall or existing structure, on top of a roof using roof extender brackets or onto a fascia using fascia brackets. We use 10mm dyna bolts for all fixings, we can put footings into soil or attach our posts directly to a concrete slab.

For any other questions you may still have about uses for your Sun Shade louvre roof system, or any other questions in general regarding specifications, feel free to contact through our enquiry page located on the contact page on the top right corner!