Ideas and Quality

Are you wanting to expand your existing outdoor undercover area, but you don’t want to block off the sunlight? Our opening roof systems are just for you! We don’t just provide an awning or shade sail, we provide and install a place where you can gather together with family and friends. It won’t matter what the weather is doing, you will have full control to either let full sun in, close it off to not let the rain in and even keep it on a 45-degree angle so that the sun can make it in, but the heat stays out!

You might be wondering how durable our systems are and how good the quality is, I’m glad you asked! Sun Shade opening roof systems have been tried and tested in the harsh Australian environment. Sun Shades are made from powder coated aluminium, this ensures that through our good quality aluminium and powder coating they will be able to thrive in even Australia’s harsh weather.

Some other good applications for our opening roof system are to put over your pool, which stops excessive sunlight from hitting! There’s nothing worse in the hot Australian heat than to go to jump into the pool and find our it’s as hot or hotter than outside. Not only does it cool the pool down, it casts shade over the pool area hiding you away from the direct sunlight.

Put your Sun Shade over a balcony so that you can enjoy your evening with a cool breeze instead of under a stuffy insulated roof! Maximum lighting on your balcony is another positive of installing an opening roof system. Some other project options are, over a public BBQ area, on a high-rise terrace, over wharfs and other walkways. Outdoor seating areas and cafés. The possibilities of different ways you can use your Sun Shade for is endless! Why not get a free quote for your own opening roof system now?

We provide a 10-year servicing warranty which ensures that you will have the quality service you deserve even after-sale. If you need council approval look no further. It can be a long process getting council approval, a lot of the time it is the last thing you want to do when you’re building a new home or renovating. That’s why here at Sun Shade we are more than happy to facilitate that process to lift that burden off your shoulders.

Here at Sun Shade we have been in the opening roof system business for a long time. We are a family run company with different branches across Australia and the world. This expertise and experience really do make all the difference. Our extensive experience enables us to uniquely create your own personal Sun Shade! Our team here is more than happy to collaborate with you in the design process ensuring you get exactly what you want. Some different aspects you can change are; the colour, the size and the shape. Even the angle of the pitch and direction of the louver blades. Check out our colour range here on our website!

Our quality tradesman are all registered builders and have a QBCC license. They are all apart of the Sun Shade family, we don’t use sub-contractors. All the building of our opening roof systems is supervised by our build manager to ensure that nothing is missed, and everything goes smoothly. Our friendly build team are easy to talk to if you have any questions. They have the utmost respect, knowing that they are working in your house. The team here also makes sure to do a good job cleaning the area during and after they have completed the build.

Our opening roof systems help you cut costs on cooling and heating. You can achieve a cooler house by directing the louvres so that the sun aims away from the house to cool down the outside of the house also making the inside nice and cool. If you want to heat the house, then you can do the opposite. This is what makes Sun Shades eco-friendly!

We have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks from time you put down a deposit, your opening roof system installation can take anywhere between two days and one week. The time that installation takes varies from installation to installation. Compared to our competitors our quality and prices are second to none. Our specially designed louvre and motor system are the top of the line. You can see the full list of our specs on our specifications page


In Australia there is nothing better than having a BBQ out doors with some good friends and your family. Our aim here at Sun Shade is to promote your connections and relationships by creating a space in your home that is ideal to bring people together. Did you know that it improves your quality of life if you have healthy social interactions regularly? We know that it’s sometimes difficult in life to organise time to put aside and organise a time, place and activity to catch up with others. Our opening roof system is the perfect place to invite people around to have a relaxing and fun time with.

Sun Shade provides a place to gather and spend time with each other, in the sun or the shade. The New Standard of Outdoor Living is here.